A teddy bear that teaches yoga and meditation


Let me introduce you to the newest member of our team.  Meddy Teddy.

He turned up in my office one day (courtesy of his maker – Josh B. Reiger)  and well… I fell in love.

You see I teach thousand of people around the world how to teach kids meditation.

I know that a lot of people find it tricky to engage their children in meditation and mindfulness as they think “they are too young”,  “they will never focus”.

If you think this too… in some ways you are correct.  However that’s because you think that teaching kids meditation is the same way you teach adults.

Ahem – no.  Teaching kids is not a condensed form of adult meditation.

So Meddy Teddy is a great way to engage children in the whole concept and approach to mindfulness and meditation.

We are helping spread the word about Meddy Teddy as we believe lots of children would benefit from having a  Meddy Teddy and below I’ve outlined a few simple tips and ideas of how to engage his help in teaching your kids meditation.

  1.   Yoga poses – many people don’t realise that yoga is a form of moving meditation.  The practice is thousands of years old and while it looks mainly physical, we know from research that the body has a huge effect on the mind and emotions (and vice versa) which is why movement is so important.

Unfortunately we are teaching our children a sedentary lifestyle as they can’t unplug from their devices or we are too scared to let them outdoors.

By bringing Meddy Teddy into their life you can teach them some fantastic (and easy) yoga poses to get them moving into meditation.

2.  Teaching kids mindfulness –again we have this idea that kids can’t do it (and that’s because we sometimes forget that their brain development and ability to focus hasn’t fully formed yet – eg it takes time for them to be able to sit and engage.

Plus some kids find mindfulness boring.  But if you bring Meddy Teddy into the mix,  then he’s going to be a helpful mindfulness teacher.

Here’s some suggestions on how I would have Meddy Teddy help me teach mindfulness meditation.

  • Sight – taking a moment to look at Meddy Teddy , his fur, his yoga pants, the shape of his legs (as they bend), the length of his body, his smile, his ears.  Just guiding children to notice this can be enough to get started.  (If children find it difficult not to chat at this point let them know that Meddy Teddy is sleeping).
  • Touch – now you can invite children to have their eyes closed as they explore Meddy Teddy with their fingers.  This can be the softness of his fur, the shape of his ears, the length of his legs/how tall he is.
  • Smell – help them notice his smell and you can add a drop of aromatherapy oil to his fur like lavender which will have  soothing effect on children
  • Tummy breath – now Meddy Teddy can be placed on children as they lie down  – if he lies on their tummy they can feel/notice how their tummy goes up and down when they take a big breath in then out… and Meddy Teddy goes up and down too.  This is a way of teaching children how to engage with their body and how to release stress and feel calmer.
  • Guided meditations – if you have read my book Calm Kids, you will know I like to empower people with the skills to create their own guided meditations as they are much more effective than using a generic children’s meditation script.

So why not engage your children’s attention with a Meddy Teddy journey where he travels to the beach, to his favourite tree or flies off on a magic carpet.  Helping children to focus this way can be an effective way to help them switch off their mind from worries to more peaceful or happy thoughts.  This in turn affects how they feel and released stress from their body (helping them to sleep if you do this as part of a bedtime routine).

So where does Meddy Teddy Live and can you invite him to stay?

Yes, luckily Meddy Teddy has many brothers and they are hoping you will make a place in your family for them… or perhaps you’ll allow them to help you teach your kids yoga classes or bring mindfulness into the classroom?

If you would like one of the Meddy Teddy family to join you – here’s your chance.







Just so you know…your order comes directly from Meddy Teddy (not Connected Kids ltd). New USA orders are expected to arrive the second week of June.  New International orders are expected to arrive at the end of June.  When you go to ‘buy now’ you’ll visit Meddy Teddy’s website – more information on there about international orders.

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