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Meditation and Mindfulness for teens

I was teaching our course last weekend in London and I was asked by one of the students if the course would suit him as he works with 16 to 18 year olds.  His school had looked at our website and thought it was only for younger children.

It made me aware of 2 things.  First that I had to redress this with this post – what we teach can definitely be adapted to suit teens.  Secondly, sometimes us adults tend to focus on meditation for younger children rather than recognising the teens in our lives.

Maybe we feel we can’t communicate with them in the same way or that they’ll mock us for trying to teach this.  I recall my own mum teaching me meditation at the age of 18 and I did resist it at first.  But she gently persevered and planted the seed that later brought me to a much more peaceful place in times of great stress.  However the way my mum taught me didn’t really address my needs as a teenager and had it been presented in a cooler way then maybe I would have been warmer to the idea.

So here are some tips.

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singing bowls and mindfulness for children – inspired by Thich Nhat Hahn

In a previous post, I mentioned my retreat experience with the wonderful Thich Nhat Hahn. One of the mindfulness practices that struck a chord with me was ‘inviting the bell to sing’. This is my interpretation of what this means and how you can teach children to practise using this to help aid their meditation.

‘Inviting the bell’ to sing is where a singing bowl or bell is used as a form of meditation practise. It is something we can use to help children learn mindfulness, meditation and to help improve their concentration levels.

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