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For the beginners, level 1 we don't discriminate against people who don't meditate, but we do strongly suggest that you start to practise meditation to support your teaching practice.

Kids like to copy the adults around them... and your teens may think it's a bit hypocritical of you trying to get them to meditate when you don't!

Learn mindfulness - if you are new to meditation, we also offer an online mindfulness course for beginners - Mindfulness course >>>

Sorry...even with your experience everyone has to take level 1 before level 2 to ensure we meet the criteria set by our insurers Balens UK and the IICT who accredit us as an approved training provider.

If doing the course online, you can skip Level 1, but we won't be able to issue any certificates.

The online courses are mostly self-directed study

This means you choose your own starting date. They have the same content as the classes. Level 2 online includes an online, live classroom with the founder Lorraine E Murray.

The classes allow you to interact and ask the trainer questions during the course, and sometimes we add in extra information that is appropriate to the needs of the group.


Level 1 will help you teach your own kids and is designed for personal use.

Level 2 is for those who want to learn how to teach professionally.

With each level of the course you receive a certificate

  • Level 1 beginners online/in class - certificate of completion/attendance
  • Level 2 online - certificate of completion
  • Level 2 attendance at online classroom and completion of assessment Connected Kids Tutor certificate
  • Level 2 Class and completion of assessment - Connected Kids Tutor certificate

Our course is designed to help you teach all age groups (toddlers to teens). Even in level 1 you'll learn how to create bespoke meditations for your kids/teens.

Have a look at our training programme here. Connected Kids Programme>>>

You start with level 1 and you can stop there or carry on ... it's up to you.

At the moment, courses take place in the UK and Ireland.

The venue info is available here - Venue info >>>

If you give us 4 weeks notice you can transfer to another date.

If less than 4 weeks notice...it's at our discretion and will involve an admin fee. You may be able to take the online course instead.

If we cancel the course then you will receive a full refund or the option to take the course on another date or online.

No - you will be given the option to extend it for another 6 months for a small admin fee.
You can take any of the online courses but if you don't take the pre-requisites courses, we can't issue a certificate. Sorry.

We include mindfulness as part of our programme,

However we offer a wider range of meditation styles to suit different needs and abilities of children and teens - especially those with additional support needs.

We limit the size of the classes to 10 people to ensure the trainer can support students through their experience.

The normal size of any group is 8.

Connected Kids Ltd is a training school, insured by Balens UK. This allows us to certify our courses (that they have checked for content, delivery and assessment). It also means that you can get insurance to teach (after you complete level 2).

IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) recognise us as an approved training provider and they cover 26 countries worldwide

We are a training school member of IMTA (International Meditation Teachers Association)

Our online course was given a silver award from Mom's choice awards

We are an approved CPD provider so you can check with your association/employer if they accept the training certificate as part of this. We are currently pursuing CPD points for each of our courses.

No, our course only covers teaching children (1 to 18).

However in after you complete levels 1 and 2, you can request to be considered for the Trainer level - you learn how to teach the Connected Kids programme to adults.

If you take level 2, you will become a professional Connected Kids Tutor.

We frequently receive emails and requests for people to teach kids meditation. Some of our Tutors choose to be listed on our website register after they qualify.

We cover all types of meditation – mindfulness, mandalas, labyrinths, guided meditation, yogas, mudras and more.

Level 1 is mainly some mindfulness and guided meditation.

In Level 2 we introduce many more tools listed above. and expand on mindfulness

Yes. You can book on level 1 and 2 at the same venue if you plan to take the 3-day training.

Or you can take Level 1 and 2 online through our online package - online package >>>

Assessment – to complete your level 2 training to a professional standard, assessments must be completed. These include

  • case studies (5 x group and 5 x 121 sessions),
  • audio/video recording of delivering a meditation to children,
  • essay,
  • disclosure/police check
  • and written test.

For the online level 2 - you would take the certification online with founder, Lorraine Murray and complete the above assessment.

We've never had this happen!

We give you 12 months to complete and submit your work. If you don't meet the standard grade, we give lots of feedback and guidance and the chance to resubmit.

Yes. You will be able to secure insurance to teach after finishing the training and you can approach schools and other organisations to teach kids.

Yes... we discuss this on day 2 of level 2 (or the certification stage for online level 2).

After the training you are part of an active, supportive group of people who all want to help each other teach kids meditation!

You are given some meditation scripts... however we teach you how to create your own lesson plans so you can adapt them to the needs of the kids/teens you teach.
No. You can have the certificate and just include the work you have learned under your own company name while teaching kids meditation. We do ask you to mention us as part of your training/experience but it's up to you.
Absolutely - after you complete level 2.

You can set up group session/meditation courses for kids and run them independently- or you may do some 121 work with kids/families too.

Level 1 - we give you 6 months access but most people do it in 2 -3. There is approx 18 to 20 hours of material over 5 modules.

Level 2 - we give you 12 months access but most people do it in 3-6. there is approx 30 hours of material over 8 modules.

Level 1 will introduce you to ideas for ADHD and Level 2 will expand these ideas and introduce more information.
No. Just internet access. All the videos/mp3s will play using your current system.

If you are using an AppleMac - then ensure your web browser is using the most up to date version.

We have tech support on email if you need it.

We don't at the moment but we do suggest you start by reading the Calm Kids book if you can't afford the course. In Scotland we can accept ITA funding. You'll need to qualify for this.

Yes for the online course - use the code NOBOOK when you make the online course purchase.

If you are taking a class, we can offer the same discount - just let us know when you book.

Yes, but you have to email us first and the final payment must be paid before you can access the course.


Drop us an email and we can arrange this.

Level 1 class and online is payment in full to secure your place.

Level 2 class is a deposit

Level 2 online and online classroom is a deposit

Yes for the online level 2 course - use the code NOBOOKCK when you make the online course purchase.

If you are taking a level 2 class, we can offer the same discount - just let us know when you book.

In Scotland we are working towards accepting ITA funding through SDS.

In the UK you can ask your job centre if there are any career development loans?

You could ask your employer to fund (or part-fund) the course?

If self employed, the cost is tax-deductible

You don't need one.

We use Paypal to process our payments, but you can pay using a normal debit/credit card (just click through the paypal link and you'll see the option to do this).

Just drop us an email and we'll advise how you can do this.

Remember to tell us which course, level and date you wish to attend (or if online).

After you book in, check your email as we'll send you bank details.

If you don't see an email from us, then check your spam folder.

After 48 hours drop us an email (your place isn't confirmed until payment is received).

You can join our mailing list via this link - Mailing List >>>

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