Meditation Benefits – childhood health


Our years of experience in teaching children meditation confirmed that meditation for kids really works!

Worldwide research into the benefits of meditation:

  • helping kids self esteem
  • helping children reduce anger and aggression
  • helping teens and kids study and concentrate
  • helping kids with anxiety and stress 
  • helping kids sleep
  • developing resilience in young people,
  • enhancing their emotional intelligence
  • helping kids with SEN to cope and thrive


  • benefits of mindfulness for kids

    Submitted by one of our Meditation Tutors – a child’s handwriting improves after they teach a simple 2-minute meditation

Research proves that meditation can help students strengthen their attention span, focus and concentration to support their academic performance (including those with ADHD).

“Thanks for inspirational day yesterday! I did a meditation yesterday evening with my grandchildren. Wow they loved it.”

Martha, USA

Foundation course dates:

(1 day course – suitable for parents/carers/non-professional)

book now teach children meditation

  • Edinburgh City Centre 15-Mar-2020
  • Nottingham – coming soon
  • London 24-Apr-2020 
  • Belfast 26-Jan-2020
  • Dublin 06-Mar-2020   
  • Swanage --  
  • West Lothian – --
  • Edinburgh West 27-Jan-2020

2020 dates available now

Training Costs – £199 plus tax

Certified Professional course dates:

book now teach children meditation

(3-day course – certified kids/teens meditation teacher – includes the foundation stage)

  • Edinburgh  15-Mar-2020 and 13th and 14th June
  • London starts 24-Apr-2020 
  • Belfast starts 20-Mar-2020
  • Dublin starts 06-Mar-2020   
  • Swanage starts --  

Training Costs – £325 deposit plus tax  (total cost £894 plus tax)

2020 dates available now 

“One of the most beneficial and worthwhile courses I’ve been on in a while. I will definitely recommend this course to others. This course has given me the confidence I needed.”


What you will learnpractical tools and skills to develop meditation ideas that suit the needs of your children.

Outside the UK/Ireland? Take the course online (same content, just different delivery…)

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