Connected Kids Online package

Save money with our online training package

If you can’t attend a class in person but wish to take the Connected Kids programme online… well now you can!

For the first time ever, we are offering the level 1 and 2 courses online.  This can take you straight through to becoming a Connected Kids Tutor and professionally teaching children and teens meditation anywhere in the world.

This particularly appeals if you just can’t attend a class in person because your schedule won’t allow it or you can’t organise child care.

We understand and we’ve listened to our supporters – so we hope this makes it much easier!

If you don’t like online courses

We designed the online course for people like the founder, Lorraine Murray, who doesn’t like online courses.  She finds them too ‘flat’ and boring.

Well our courses are different.  We make them interactive, with a mixture of video, audio, self assessment and offline reading as well as learning new ideas and skills online.

Plus you’ll be invited to a wonderful community of peace pioneers like you … people who have wanted to teach children meditation and taken the Connected Kids courses.

We do hope you can join us.

The Connected Kids online package

Level 1 Online –  beginners

This level helps you create and deliver bespoke meditations for children of all ages.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion and have 6 months access to the course (it usually takes about 3 months to complete).  Plus you can extend it if you run out of time.

Level 2 Online  – professionals 

This online package  teaches you how to work with kids with special needs, autism and helps you create a full bag of meditation ideas.  It will really boost your confidence to trust your intuitive heart to guide the meditation sessions.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion and you have 12 months access to the course (it can take 3 to 6  months to complete).

Completing the online level 2 can take you towards certification as a Connected Kids Tutor – certified, Professional Connected Kids Tutor


Cost of the online package

You can save £50 by purchasing both online courses together:

Beginners (Level 1 Online) – £149 + VAT

Professionals (Level 2 Online)   – £325 + VAT

How it works

When you purchase this option, we will *post out the Calm Kids and Connected Kids books to you (these are required reading for the course).

You will be emailed a passcode and details of how to log on to start the beginners course.  When you reach the end of this course you can contact us and we will organise your easy access to the Professional Online course (self study) .

For full details of the beginners (level 1) Online course >>>

For full details of the professional level 2 online course >>>

Already have the Calm Kids and Connected Kids books?

If you have already have the Calm Kids and Connected Kids books – let us know after you make the online course purchase and we’ll refund £20.

*If you are based outside the UK and don’t yet have the required books, it is quicker to buy them from Amazon (it can take 4 to 6 weeks for these to reach you and you can’t start the course until the books arrive).  In this instance, just drop us an email after you’ve made the purchase and we’ll refund £20 so you can buy them as e-books or locally/via Amazon.