Learn Mindfulness for optimum health and wellbeing


Now you can learn mindfulness in the comfort of your own space through this online, easy-to-use, interactive mindfulness course

online course to learn mindfulness meditation

This online mindfulness course is designed to help you with a practical way to learn and practise mindfulness that fits into your personal and professional life.

I could do it at my own pace and fit it in around work and family life.

You will be guided through these easy-to-use modules, guided mindfulness practices, video clips and useful exercises to help you develop your personal mindfulness practice.

The Mindfulness course – is run by  Lorraine Murray, a meditation guide with 30 years experience and author of Calm Kids and Connected Kids, with Gillian Duncan the founder of The Moment is Now and an experienced mindfulness teacher.

Gillian and Lorraine will take you gently through the course – to help you learn

  • to feel calmer,
  • to cope with change and challenges
  • to recover more quickly from setbacks
  • to feel stronger inside your body and mind

We want to help you take better care of your health and well-being.

Sending grateful thanks for the fabulous MHBLC course … I have completed it! and got my certificate! It has provided exactly the journey I needed in my own life and equipped me with the confidence to share my mindfulness work more widely… it was so good I didn’t want to finish the course! I have always hated online learning… this course was interactive, accessible and purposeful…. loved the handouts, audios and tips for the future…. thoroughly recommend it ” BW

It’s a self-directed yet interactive course – so you choose when you are ready to begin.  

Online courses can feel a bit lonely sometimes…so we want to help you with this by inviting you onto the online community which ensures you have the support you need to practise and learn mindfulness. 

 What will I learn on this mindfulness course?mindfulness training

The course has 8 modules combining helpful tips, practical mindfulness exercises and insights from 2 experienced meditation teachers and you have *6 months access to ensure you have enough time to explore this.

When you take the course, you can download the course notes and audio meditations for free,  to ensure you will have lifetime access and won’t miss out.

*It should only take a couple of months to complete but if you run out of time you can easily request an extension.

Is it easy to learn mindfulness?online course to learn mindfulness meditation

The online course is perfect for beginners who are new to meditation as it takes you (mindfully) through each step.

Experienced in Meditation?

It also helps experienced meditation practitioners who want to learn more about mindfulness meditation techniques.

Too busy to learn mindfulness?

Listen to the course founders, Lorraine Murray and Gillian Duncan, explain how mindfulness can help you with a busy mind (and life).


The intention of the course is to help you develop a mindfulness practice that works for you; one that you can easily introduce into your personal and professional life.

Benefits of learning mindfulness online…

  • It’s flexible – instead of having to attend a class in person – you log in when you want to start and continue on to the next step.
  • No need to travel – you can access the course from your home/workplace
  • Can’t get time of work/childcare?  – an online course means you get to fit this in around your schedule.
  • Access to expert advice – Gillian and Lorraine provide videos as well as live, online sessions that offer useful tips you stay motivated
  • Practical techniques – the mindful activities are designed to help you fit it into your life and keep practising.
  • Life-time Support – you can download the notes and recordings for free – giving you  lifetime access.
  • Online support –you’ll be invited to an exclusive online group to ask questions and share experiences.
  • No software required  – you don’t need to download any software to start, the online courses will use the same system to play video and mp3s that you currently use on your phone/computer.
  • Certificate of Completion – at the end of the online course you will receive a certificate of completion  perfect for CPD or the next step in your mindfulness journey.

How is the certificate recognised?

We have based this online Mindfulness course on the work of international mindfulness teacher Rob Nairn and the principles of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme.

online course to learn mindfulness meditation

The certificate confirms that you have taken a mindfulness course which will allow you to attend further mindfulness retreats and training with Gillian who is trained by the MIndfulness Association.

I really enjoyed the mindfulness course and got so much out of it. Thank you both very much for this great gift.


What is the cost?

The course costs  £145 plus VAT which includes 6-month access to the course PLUS you can download and keep all the mindfulness practice recordings and written course material and exercises.

You will be invited to join Lorraine and Gillian online in their virtual classroom – providing you with the chance to connect, ask questions and receive support through some of the exercises on the course.

Mindful Preview

Here’s a useful preview of the mindfulness online course.

Each module contains helpful information that easily explains what mindfulness is, how it works and the benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness Practices 

Useful mindfulness practices which are explained and demonstrated by Gillian and Lorraine to help you experience different types of mindfulness.

Listen here...

online course to teach kids meditation


The creation of this course has been inspired and informed by the work of the Mindfulness Association.