Mindfulness Taster

Want to try some mindfulness?

You can try our online mindfulness taster to find out if it will work for you.  It is thtaster of mindfulnesse first module of the mindfulness online course.

What the Mindfulness Taster includes

In the taster you will learn…

  • how to settle your busy mind
  • some simple recordings (video and mp3s) to help you practice
  • useful tips to help improve your wellbeing and keep you motivated to practise

Ready to Take a Mindfulness Taster?

You can experience the mindfulness taster for £25 which will give you access for 30 days (once you activate it).mindfulness taster online

Save money

If you discover that you really feel the benefits of mindfulness and want to continue your mindfulness journey… you can allocate your payment of £25 towards the full Mindfulness course cost. You’ll receive this discount code when you finish the taster.

Money Back Guarantee

If you start the mindfulness taster and change your mind – you have 14 days to let us know and you’ll receive a no quibble, money back guarantee.




Please note that no other discounts apply and if you do decide to have a refund of the taster you won’t be able to allocate the discount code the full mindfulness course cost. The creation of this course has been inspired and informed by the work of the Mindfulness Association.  When making this purchase you will see the name Big Connected Kids – this is from our sister company Feel Good Therapies Ltd.   Connected Kids Ltd promotes and manages the mindfulness course on behalf of Feel Good Therapies ltd.