Meditation CD for Autism

Meditation CD for Kids – Autism, ADHD/ADD/Special Needs


(Suitable for ages 5 to 18)

This guided mindfulness meditation CD was created by Lorraine Murray, mindful activities autism and adhdwho has been teaching for over 16 years, has worked with young people of all ages and those on the Autistic spectrum, with ADHD/ADD or other additional support needs. She is the author of the international best sellers,‘Calm Kids’ and Connected Kids

It is based on Lorraine’s experience of running the Connected Kids programme; teaching kids with special needs how to practise mindfulness meditation.

Regular practise with this CD may help young people to;

  • improve focus and concentration
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • help young people with autism to relax
  • to help with transition/difficult situations
  • help improve sleep and energy levels

meditation mindfulness cd for kids with autism and adhd

There are 11 mindful activities. The CD is a helpful introduction for young people on the autistic spectrum or with attention issues.  There are 4 categories on the CD – connection to breath (to help ease anxiety), connection to body (to help with relaxation), connection to others (to help with interactions), connection to earth (to help them feel more centered/grounded).

“I just received this c.d and listened to it today. I absolutely Love it! I’ve enjoyed doing the techniques for myself and am so inspired by it for my work with Children. Very effective. Thank you for creating it.” SB, New Zealand 

The tracks include:

  1. tummy breath,
  2. sound breath,
  3. roller coaster breath,
  4. golden hook up,
  5. golden space suit,
  6. magic bubble,
  7. ‘smoke alarm’ off,
  8. pet meditation,
  9. touching earth,
  10. angry socks,
  11. thank you meditation.

Bonus – there is a teaching tips track for adults which gives access to an online audio/visual to aid teaching.

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roller coaster breath – sample


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