Support for your teaching meditation work

If you have taken our courses, Lorraine E Murray (the founder of the Connected Kids programme and author) offers her students online coaching sessions.

  • …perhaps you are a level 1 student who needs some support deciding on whether to take level 2 or needs advice about teaching?children in classroom mindfulness meditation
  • …you are a level 2 student – who hasn’t had time to complete your assessments and requires an extension?
  • are a professional Connected Kids Tutor who needs some personal and professional development and support as you feel a bit stuck?

Our commitment is to empower you with the skills, ideas and motivation that support your teaching meditation journey.

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for doing the 121 session with me.  The session was so powerful and has really helped me.  After I have felt much more peaceful.

How much does a coaching session cost?

A 60 minute session is discounted to £65 + VAT (as you are a CK student).

There is some pre-session questions to complete to prepare for the session, and during it Lorraine will use her expertise, meditation and energy skills alongside practical advice.  A development plan with some key steps will be emailed to you post-session to help you maintain your progress.

We use skype or zoom for the session (no specialist software is required, just internet access).

Following the session  the negative dialogue in my head is now challenged by a reassuring, positive voice that has woken up!! So for example, the thought may have arisen ‘doing meditation with kids in school is going to be horrendous, what if I don’t succeed?, what if the teachers think I’m a joke? etc’.  And that would have been it, or more of the same. Now, if a thought like that pops up, I hear, ‘but you will be great, you can make a difference, just keep it simple and at least give it a chance’.   It is still surprising me every time it happens.”

When does the coaching take place?

As a student/tutor of Connected Kids, you have access to our exclusive facebook group – where we list these monthly sessions and  you can check availability  (space is limited).

Appointments are available from 9.30am to 4pm on the last Thursday of each month. Timings are based on the United Kingdom  GMT (see here for your time zone)

The 1-2-1 was wonderful. Thank you for all the gifts you share. You are an inspiration.”

How to book a session

To organise a session, please check the timings available on our our exclusive facebook group, then contact us by email or using the online form to request with your preferred date and time.

You can purchase your online session in advance which will secure your place provided there is availability.  


Terms – payment secures your session and cancellations are allowed and a full refund available with 48 hours notice.

Looking for someone to teach your child meditation?

Please note that if you are looking for a someone to teach your child/teen meditation skills, you can find a trained, registered Tutor from our Connected Kids Tutor List >>>