How to become a kids meditation teacher

Meditation for kids – online certified trainingcertified training meditation for kids NAPPA

Our award-winning, online Connected Kids Training programme helps you teach your kids and teens meditation and mindfulness.

We’ll teach you how to deliver meditations that help kids reduce anxiety and stress and improve their mental health.

We are specialists in teaching meditation to kids with SEN (special educational needs) including autism and ADHD.

Our teach kids meditation programme offers a mix of on-demand study (so you select when you are ready to start the course) and live, online classrooms with the programme founder, Lorraine Murray, an expert with over 16 years experience in teaching kids and teens meditation.

Self-directed, practical study…

On the meditation for kids e-learning programme you will discover a comprehensive, practical and interactive resource to help you start teaching your kids and teens.

  • We offer  self-contained, self directed study to accommodate your schedule; your timezone, work and child care commitments.
  • The online kids meditation teacher course has rich and practical content...  offering you on and off-line learning.
  • You are supported with engaging and practical audio/visual online teach kids meditation money back guaranteematerial that is filled with tips and ideas from the founder, Lorraine’s, (30 years meditation experience and teaching this to kids for over 16 years).
  • And you can interact with other students and the founder through our exclusive groups on social media.
  • On the professional course you are supported (and can interact) directly with the Connected Kids founder through our online, live classroom sessions.

Foundation stage – teaching your own kids (and teens) meditation for kids online study buy now

Our foundation online course helps you create and deliver engaging meditations for your children …whatever their age or ability.

The course will help you create your own meditation scripts and guide you how to deliver engaging meditations children will enjoy.teach my kids meditation online course dad with girl being mindful

On completion, you will receive a certificate that counts as continuous professional development (CPD points).meditation for kids learn to teach online programme learn more

The cost is £199 plus VAT (tax) with 6 months access to the course (extensions available) and a copy of the founders first book ‘Calm Kids’.

Become a Certified Professional Kids Meditation Teacher

Become a certified mindful meditation teacher that can work professionally with kids and teens of all abilities, including those with special educational needs, autism  or those with anxiety and high levels of stress (all ages, all abilities).

Our Connected Kids Professional training will help you create a powerful toolkit of meditation ideas and how to select the mindful activity that suits the children you teach.teaching meditation - kid with autism, SEN, ADHD

It will boost your confidence to trust your intuition to guide the meditation sessions with certified training to teach kids meditation read morecompassion – engaging children so they want more meditation!

You will feel confident to teach children and teens of any age or ability as we guide you on a teaching journey that will give you the support and training you need to teach meditation to kids and teens – professionally – in your community.

The cost is £695 plus VAT (tax) with 12 months access to the course (extensions available) and a copy of the founders second book ‘Connected Kids’. 

The foundation stage is a pre-requisite for this level – however if you are already teaching meditation/yoga, check out our experienced teacher package. certified meditation for kids course online programme learn more

Current offer – if you are thinking of taking both foundation and professional online courses… you can save money.  certified meditation for kids course online programme learn more



online teach kids meditation money back guaranteeYou can purchase the course and change your mind within 14 days – please check our terms for more information.