Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness Meditation CD for Teenage Stress


(Suitable for ages 12 to 18)

This guided mindfulness meditation CD was created by Lorraine Murray, who has been teaching for over 14 years, has worked with young people of all ages and abilities and is author of the international best seller,‘Calm Kids’.

It is suitablechill zone - mindfulness meditation to reduce teenage stress and anxiety for young people (early to late teens) to help reduce stress and anxiety. 

It is based on Lorraine’s experience of teaching young adults and teens how to practise mindfulness meditation through her Connected Kids Course.

Regular practise with this CD may help young people to;

  • focus and concentrate/study
  • reduce stress
  • improve self esteem
  • learn easy techniques to help control anxiety in any situation
  • help improve sleep and energy levels

There are 7 mindfulness tracks. The CD is a helpful introduction for young people. All the tracks contain a guided meditation by Lorraine Murray suitable for this age group.

It really helped when I was trying to get to sleep, if I had an important test the next day. Shonagh (age 16)” 

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Listen to a Meditation sample

Track TitleTimeSample
Relaxation with Breath7:10
Breath of life2:23
Counting the Breath4:08
Colour Breathing5:48
Protection & Healing7:46
Flight of Freedom13:54

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