Meditations for Children

Meditations suitable for age 5 to 11

SOLD  OUTchildrens meditation cd

This guided meditation CD is suitable for children to help reduce stress. You can use this meditation CD to help children:

  • feel safe and secure
  • let go of worries that makes them anxious or stressed
  • improve focus and concentration
  • reduce sleep problems
“My son (9) has been listening to it almost every night since we bought it, which must be about 18 months by now! He loves to fall asleep to it, his favourite track is the Tree of protection. My youngest son, (3) has started asking for it at bedtime too. Even after a crazy day of boyish shenanigans it calms and relaxes them.”

There are 6 guided meditation tracks. All the meditations are led by expert by Lorraine Murray, an international teacher who has worked with children of all ages and abilities and is author of the international best seller, ‘Calm Kids’.

The CD can help your child to focus and concentrate during some of the meditations (and in their own time too). The first track is for parents with instructions on how to use the CD.

Order Your Crystal Clear Meditation CD for Children…buy meditation cd for children to help them relax and feel calm

This CD retails at £15.59 (inc. VAT)

Posted  2nd Class Royal Mail or surface mail (for overseas)

Listen to a sample meditation

Track TitleTimeSample
Crystal Clear6:52
Peaceful Meadow7:15
Star Meditation6:55
Tree Meditation8:32
Sweet Dreams8:17

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