Online Talks – teaching meditation

Online talks – meditation and mindfulness

Throughout the year we organise online talks with experts in helping kids and teens with mindfulness and meditation.

These include:

  • tips on teaching mindfulness and meditation
  • information about meditation and child development
  • helping kids cope with key challenges
  • ask the expert
  • exclusive discounts

The talks are live, but we offer access to a recording that you can listen to in your own time.

If you are interested in joining us for an online talk then please join our mailing list to be kept informed of dates as places are limited. 


Here’s  one of our talks with Dr Dan Siegel, an expert in child development.

Interview with Dr Dan Siegel

Dr Dan Siegel kindly gave Connected Kids a fantastic online dr dan siegel whole brain childinterview in November 2016 where we discussed  some aspects of his excellent book ‘the Whole-Brain Child’.

Dr Siegel studied at Harvard and has over 10 different books and CDs about the developing mind, some of which are dedicated to helping us understand why our children behave and respond in the way they do.

He takes complicated scientific concepts and makes it exciting and accessible for parents and professionals.

Online Interview with Dr Dan Siegel




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