Online Talk – meditation for child development

The 3 things your child needs for mental health

hands creating heart- helping kids mental health with meditation

I recently discovered some information about the 3 things that children need if they are to develop strong mental and emotional health.

  • Attention
  • Affection
  • Affirmation

Seems like common sense?

But in this day and age children may be suffering  from the lack of these key qualities in their little lives.  And parents/educators are struggling to provide them due their stresses they carry.

This online talk (by Lorraine E Murray, founder of the Connected Kids programme and author), will explore these 3 areas and offer you some simple, effective suggestions how meditation and mindfulness can nourish all 3 a’s – and hence allow a child to flourish.

The talk takes place on Monday 26th November 2018 at 8pm (BST) – a recorded version will also be available. (Your timezone >>>)

This talk will help you if you are interested in teaching children and teens mindfulness skills to:

  • build a mindful and nourishing connection with children and teens
  • learn how words and ideas can express the 3 A’s to help children feel supported and hold their attention
  • to help you incorporate the 3 A’s while teaching your children meditation and mindfulness.
  • learn some simple ways to connect to children with special needs/autism/ADHD
  • understand how to connect with the teens in your life.

The cost of the talk is £10 + VAT (£10 can be offset against any purchases of our Connected Kids courses).

The talk is recorded and available for a further 14 days after the live event.

You won’t need any special devices to listen in... just internet access using your computer or phone.

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