Meditation Articles

This selection of meditation and health articles are those which have peaked our interest.

Some feature mindfulness meditation and others link to brain meditation articles and newsdevelopment in children, particularly those with autism or ADHD.

From our direct experience, we know that meditation can help kids with ADHD and autism.

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Articles on Teaching and Research – Children Meditation and Mindfulness

How teenage brain develops >>>

Relaxation to manage trauma >>>

Power of Body language for confidence >>>

Happiness as part of the school curriculum? >>>

Children’s Mental Health Timebomb>>>

Why eye contact is hard for kids with autism” >>>

Matching Sounds – mindful senses >>>

The Mindful Child >>>

Funding for Students in Scotland (we can accept this for Connected Kids courses) >>>

Potential Funding for Courses (england) >>>

Children are not Easels >>>

Intuitive role of the heart >>>

How to teach children to take a breath >>>

Attachment parenting >>>

Advice on sleep >>>

Mindfulness and Education >>>

Meditation can alter the brain >>>

The brain on meditation >>>

Meditation Effects on emotion >>>

Useful stats on ADHD >>>

Stress in early life affects brain >>>



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