Teach children meditation and mindfulness

If you are looking to teach toddlers, children and teenagers how to meditate and practise mindfulness…then we can help!

With over 17 years experience, we can help you teach young people these important, mindfulness, life-skills.  how to meditate with child

We provide a wide-range of ideas and information to help you get started.  Helping your kids relax whatever their age and including special needs too.

  • The Calm Kids book  this a perfect book for parents, professionals or educators; full of practical tips on teaching meditation (toddlers to teens). Great for beginners.
  • The Connected Kids™ book –  a wonderful support if your child has anxiety or perhaps special needs, autism, ADD or ADHD 
  • Online Talks  – where you can meet the expert and ask questions
  • Accredited Training Courses and Classes – our award winning Connected Kids™ programme‘ will train you to teach kids in Ireland (Dublin), England (London or Dorset) and Scotland (Edinburgh) – or online.
  • Our blog full of practical tips featuring any ideas, meditation tips or useful resources we come discover in our continuing research
  • Helpful resources – on different aspect of teaching kids meditation (including those with autism/special needs/ADHD)
  • Meditation CDs – if you aren’t ready to teach them directly, these tools help kids/teens relax with meditation
  • Trained Tutors – who have taken the Connected Kid programme and can teach your kids or teens directly.

So please explore and share.

The more we can encourage our mindful community to practise mindfulness and meditation… the more peaceful our world can be.

Thank you
_/\_ Namaste

Lorraine Murray
Founder of Connected Kids™
Author of ‘Calm Kids‘ and ‘Connected Kids – Special Needs


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