Teaching Kids, Teens and Toddlers Mindfulness Meditation

Connected Kids™ Programme – Courses to Teach Children Mindfulness Meditation

The programme features training (class/online) that helps parents, carers, educators or professionals understand the benefits of meditation and accredited cpd provider meditationmindfulness and how to teach children and youth of all ages. We teache the programme with regular sessions in the UK and Ireland.

The programme was developed 15 years ago by experienced meditation teacher, therapist and author, Lorraine Murray. 

Beginners Level 1 (online/in class) – you’ll receive a certificate of attendance and you can add to your current work as CPD (continuous professional development) or teach your own children meditation.  There is no assessment or pre-requisite with this level.  Class runs from 9.30am to 5pm – 1 day.

No meditation experience is required to take the level 1 training although after the course, you will be encouraged to start your own personal meditation practice.


Professional Level 2 (online/in class) –   This level teaches you how to how to teach meditation to kids - connected kids logo teach children and teens professionally in meditation and mindfulness. Pre-requisite to entry is completion of level 1

After the training you have 12 months to complete the assessment and on satisfactory completion, you will be issued with a *Professional Connected Kids Tutor certificate (this allows you to secure insurance to set up professionally in your community are are invited to list your services on our register of Connected Kids™ Tutors.). Class runs from 9.30am to 5pm  – 2 days.


*This is recognised by our insurers Balens UK Ltd and IICT who provide cover for therapists in 26 countries worldwide.

What are the different levels?

You don’t need to take all of the Connected Kids programme – it really depends on your interest and needs.

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