Meditation for Kids

Help your kids and teens mental healthbook now teach children meditation

Certified Mindfulness Workshops and Online (on-demand) Training

The Connected Kids™ programme features expert training  for parents, carers, educators and other professionals how to teach meditation for kids.

  • You can attend a workshop in the UK (London, Edinburgh, Belfast) and Ireland (Dublin).children meditating
  • We offer on-demand, online training – saving you time off work or organising child care.
  • You will learn from experts who specialise in teaching meditation and mindful activities for all kids – including SEN (special educational needs) – Autism, ADHD.
  • You can gain certification to become a Kids Meditation Teacher – working with toddlers, children and teens.

The teaching programme was developed over 17 years ago by international meditation expert, trainer and author – Lorraine E Murray. 

person teaching child mindfulness - meditation for kidsFoundation – If you simply want to teach your own children meditation to help reduce anxiety and stress, then enjoy our Foundation Level (1-day).

Professional – If you would like to teach children/teens as a Certified professional kids meditation teacher - training Kids Meditation Teacher – the Professional Level (3 days) is our most popular choice. This includes teaching you how to work with kids with special educational needs – autism/ADD/ADHD.

I really really enjoyed the course. I have already started doing some with my daughter and she is very much enjoying the experience.”

Ali, UK

Our next course dates are:

book now teach children meditation

  • London 25-Oct-2019 
  • Belfast 08-Nov-2019
  • Edinburgh 20-Sep-2019
  • Dublin 22-Nov-2019   
  • Swanage 02-Jul-2019   

Training Costs – £199 plus tax      More dates available >>>


The Benefits of Meditation for Kids…

  • helping children reduce anger and aggression
  • helping teens and kids study and concentrate
  • helping kids with anxiety and stress read more teaching children mindfulness - benefits of meditation button

What you will learn…certified content, with expert teachers, practical tools and professional, ongoing support.

learn more certified kids meditation teacher

Workshop Locations … we can offer you central, city training in the UK and Ireland

learn more certified kids meditation teacher uk ireland

Outside the UK/Ireland? Explore online, on-demand training …

learn more certified kids meditation teacher online on demand

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