Learn how to teach kids mindful meditation

Help your kids and teens learn mindfulness

The Connected Kids™ programme features training (classes or online) that guides parents, carers, educators and other professionals how to teach children meditation.children meditating
  • We offer regular workshops in the UK and Ireland.
  • We offer award-winning online training for those outside the UK and Ireland (or if work/child care is an issue).
  • Our courses include mindful activities for kids who have additional support needs (eg; ADHD/autism)
  • We cover all ages ranges – toddlers to teens.

The programme was developed over 17 years ago by international meditation teacher, therapist, author and peace pioneer – Lorraine E Murray. 

The programme is offered in 2 stages.  A Foundation Level if you are seeking CPD or to teach family.  And a Professional Level if you plan to teach meditation professionally (or have family with additional support needs – autism/ADHD). find out more button foundation course to teach kids meditation and mindfulness

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I really really enjoyed the meditation for children course. I have already started doing some with my daughter and she is very much enjoying the experience.” Connected Kids Student

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